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more Rock n' Roll

if you read my review of Ryan Adams' new album, you should read this too.

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movie rental

rented Buffalo 66 with some friends last nite. decent flick. kind of a downer but i would reccomend watching it.

it's a movie about a man named BIlly (Vincent Gallo) who was incarcerated for 5 years due to a betting mishap. upon his release he kidnaps Layla (Christina Ricci) and asks her to go see his parents - who he's been lying about his whereabouts to - with him and pretend to be his wife to make him "look good."

there's more to the story, but i don't want to ruin it. as far as the style of the mmovie goes it's quiet. it's a quiet film like Lost in Translation - which i still say should win the oscar for picture of the year - is a quiet movie.

the relationships between all the characters in the film are pretty much underplayed, and the only one you really learn anything about is Billy. i hardly missed the character develppment though, because the movie is filmed in such a way that you're watching a moment in time. we've just been thrown into a few days of Billy's life, so we find out things as he decides to tell them to us. i personally feel its' storytelling genius.

an independant movie, it was filmed entirely in Buffalo, NY on a budget of $1.2 million. starring the aforementioned Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci as well as Anjelica Huston (The Royal Tenenbaums, This is Spinal Tap) and Ben Gazzara (Happiness, The Big Lebowski).

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apologies and reviews

i haven't updtaed my blog since the 23rd of October. for anyone out there who might be getting annoyed with me, i'm sorry.

anyway, i've got two reviews for you all. one movie, one album. you can all guess the movie i'm going to review, so i think i'll save it for last.

album review: Rock n' Roll - Ryan Adams

so this album is completely different than anything Ryan has done before. a lot of people have bitched and moaned about Ryan changing his sound, or trying to be larger than life. i don't really get it. he wanted to make a rock n' roll album, good for him. someone has to save us from the shit that's been coming out these days.

and that's just what he does. from the very opening of the album, you can tell this is going to be a very different album, and it's going to change everything. it's dirty like T-Rex, grimey like the New York Dolls, new wave like the Cure and punk like the Replacements all at once, and it's fucking awesome!

how awesome is it? it's fucking awesome! the first day i had this album, i was dancing around my house and rocking out while drunk on Sunset Blush boxed wine. this album allows you to rock out and scream and get fucked up with your friends and still have a good time.

however, while it is different in that respect, the topics of the songs are still the kind of sad-bastard lyrics we've come to expect from Ryan. only this time he's using aggression to spit them out, instead of using sadness to cry them out (save two songs: "anybody wanna take me home?" and "rock and roll").

also, along with his sad-bastard lyrics comes the sense of worry that seems to find us all with every Ryan Adams release. it's no secret that Ryan's been abusing alcohol for years. the lyrics on this album definately still make references to his drinking too much, smoking too much as well as talk about drug abuse. while i don't think any of these references are meant to bring pity upon him, you almost can't help it. through the agression, it's still quite obvious that Ryan is quite a sad person who's had a rough life, professionally and personally. maybe it was a little too easy for me to say we all get a sense of worry with each Ryan Adams release, but i know i sure do.

anyway, if you're looking for a good album to buy for those days or nights you just want to run around your house drunk, not wearing any pants - buy Rock n' Roll.

movie review: The Matrix Revolutions

it's really hard for me to review this movie. i saw it on opening nite and i'm still in that "what the fuck did i just watch" state of mind. i was in this state of mind after i saw Reloaded too, and i still haven't made my mind up about that movie, so this could be kind of confusing.

i read a lot of reviews the day i went ot see Revolutions. everyone really fucking hated it. Rolling Stone said saying it "sucks" is an understatement, CNN hated it, everyone on IMDB hated it, so i was wary when i went to see it.

i have to say though, i definately don't hate it as much as all those people do. i'm pretty sure i think this movie is better than Reloaded. i like the fight scenes more, i thought the effects were better and in general it didn't seem as drawn out as Reloaded.

also, the religous symbolism that was prevalent in the first film is back in full force in this one. not to say this movei is a "Christian" movie, but let's face it, Christianity does have it's roots in the battle between good and evil, as does the Matrix. it's not hard to see the parallels.

however, i still think that the Wachowski brothers can't tell a love story. or at least, the Neo/Trinity love story seems to be told badly. it's cool they wanted these characters to fall in love, but i don't know, i just think the story between them is underdeveloped, not acted all that well and in general...bad.

aside from that, i don't really have many problems with the film. like i said, i'm still kind of confused by it, so i think i'm going to see it again. then i think i want to watch all 3 Matrixes and take some time to think about it.

so maybe in a year or so, you the reader will get an accurate depiction of how i really feel about the second and third installments of the Matrix. until then, i reccomend going to see Revolutions and then talking to me about it to see if we can make some sense of the series.

before you go, i have a neat fact about Larry Wachowski.

apparently, he left his wife - who was his college sweetheart - to become "enslaved" by a professional dominatrix. more on that here.

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there's just something so right about this...

it's common for sports announcers to say things like, "...so now let's go to John in the studio for a Pepsi game break..." and then for a game update to appear on your screen during the game you're watching.

during saturday's Pitt v. Virginia Tech game, ESPN broke for one of these game breaks - sponsored by Taco Bell.

the game that was being "broken" to, was being played in Death Valley.

"...and now Taco Bell takes us to death valley."

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