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playing guitar is sexy

a friend of mine said "playing guitar is sexy" today. while that may be true in some respect, there's a lot of us who it hasn't worked for yet.

maybe part of it is the fact that my songs are, as of late, sad. maybe part of it is that i've been mastering the art of playing for people while highly intoxicated. hell, it might even be that i'm fucking polish. playing guitar has never, and probalby will never, be something seen as sexy that i do.

not that i really care. i just thought it was a funny statement that made me laugh. i wonder if there are people out there who have begun to play guitar because they thought "somone will think this is sexy."

i bet there is. i bet they've even made it "big" and have made a boatload of cash. the thought of that, making money based on what someone else thinks, frightens me. i hope those people either a) find a love for music and change their heart so that they are doing it for the right reason and not for a man/woman, or b) have their hands chopped off so they can stop committing a huge sin to the world.

however, in all fairness and not to sound to harsh, if someone told me "it's sexy that you play guitar" i would probalby like it. it's nice to have someone think you're sexy every now and again.

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going home is weird

going home for the weekend. not sure how i feel about it. i'll be glad to see my little brother and little sister, who just started kindergarten and first grade respectively. but lately, my mom has been in her own little world.

she's got a new job - which is good - but she's living in akron, ohio now while the rest of the family is in lancaster, pa. it obviously affects the relationship she has with my younger siblings, as well as my stepfather. i guess i just feel like i don't have much to talk about with her anymore because i don't really know that she knows who i am these days, and when she does try to talk to me, she always ends up either depressed or starting a fight with me, which doesn't really make me feel any better.

i called my dad to let him know i was coming home, but he and my stepmother are going to be out of town, so that sucks.

anyway, i'm sure itll be fine. it will probalby be an intresting weekend. filled with playing with the kids, hanging with friends and getting into arguments with my mom. i'm nervous and happy all at the same time.

going home is weird.

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meg says, "you should update your site more often. i need new reading material." so this post is for her.

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album review

i have to admit, i never really listened to much Warren Zevon. of course i've heard "werewolves of london" and "lawyers, guns and money" as everyone has, and "roland the headless thompson gunner" is probably the most beautiful ballad ever written about the Congol/Biafran war.

however, i've been reading about Zevon's new album online. after hearing about the guest work to be done on it, i had become anxious for it's release. dont' get me wrong, there are a lot of recently released albums with tons of guest work on them that have sucked - "C'mon C'mon" by Sheryl Crow and Mick Jagger's "Goddess In the Doorway" to name just a few. realizing this, i was skeptical at the same time.

much to my euphoria, Zevon's "The Wind" does not suck due to it's guest work. in fact, it doens't suck at all. "The Wind" is a masterpiece, and the guest work only accentuates it's brilliance. From the opener "Dirty Life and Times" featuring Ry Cooder's guitar work, to the final "Keep Me In Your Heart" featuring no guest work, "The Wind" is by far, one of the greatest rock albums recorded this year.

"The Wind" reads and plays as a final letter to all of Zevons' fans, friends and family. the lyrics are some of the most introspective i've heard this year. while this is mostly due to Zevon's terminal illness (he has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, for those of you who don't know), the album is not whole-heartedly sad. lyrically, yes, the 11 songs are quite sad. however, the guest work by veterans such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Joe Walsh, are able to turn some of those songs into relatively upbeat ones. ironic since Zevon has been known for his wit, and nothing says "wit" like a sad song with happy music.

wit aside, we all know what this album is about. Warren Zevon knows he is going to die and that it will most liley be soon. he's getting his things in order, saying goodbye to the ones he loves and preparing himself for whatever may lie ahead. i tried to forget about that while listening to "The Wind" and by the beginning notes of the slide guitar on his incredibly poignant cover of Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", it was taking a hell of a lot of work to hold back my tears. i'm not generally a person who cries when other people are sad, but there's just something about a person realizing the end is near and singing their heart out about it.

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yesterday USA Today published an article celebrating goggle.com's fifth anniversary. it's an interesting article which talks about how google began and where google is headed.

however, it also mentions "the googleplex." for those of you who don't know, the googleplex is "a 1,000-employee paradise with free food, unlimited ice cream, pool and ping-pong tables and complimentary massages, plus the ability to spend 20% of work time on any outside activity", according to Susan Wojcicki - an original parter and former landlady of google.

anyway, for anyone who uses the internet, it's a cool article.

in a related story, i'm working on my resume.

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post script

p.s. - if you're that 61C bus driver from last night, i'm really sorry.

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it's a boy

my sister called me last night to tell me it's a boy! i'll be having a nephew in less than 4 months!

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waking up

woken up by a thunderstorm this morning. a good one too. thunder that sounds like what i imagine god's clapping hands would sound like, and lightning that flashes like it's being shot out from a .357 magnum.

so i was hungover. went to fuel and fuddle last night to meet a friend. because of the rain she didn't come down. cool by me. i wouldn't have come either. the freedom band was playing. all kinds of reggae type shit. really good. they did a cover of "purple rain" which was phenominal.

5 beers later, i'm a little drunk and i still haven't asked the waitress out.

then i leave to catch my bus. at the bus stop Ramesh is going on about the ACLU being anti-christian and anti-jew. he's a good cafeteria employee. i'm not sure if i buy his rantings though. i just want a bus to come.

61C comes and picks us up. i wasn't feeling drunk until we started moving. motion sickness. i never get it, but hey, there's a first time for everything. we're near forbes and muray when i get up to ask the bus driver to stop. i stand up, feel the warm gurgle in my throat, and next thing i know that warm gurgle is all over the 61C's floor.

i tell the driver i'm sorry. he doesn't seem to have noticed. once he realizes he doens't talk to me much but lets me off at forbes and murray. i call home, wake my recently operated on roomate up in an attempt to get a ride home, but in the end i walk home. the walk was wonderful. nothing like walk on a relatively clear night after it's just rained.

i slept until the clap of god's hands and the crack of the .357 magnum came at about 8am.

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album review

picked up the new Neil Young and Crazy Horse album, "Greendale", today. i have to admit, i was skeptical. not because i think Neil Young has ever done anything less than perfect, or because i thought the songs wouldn't be strong. on the contrary. i had visited www.neilyoung.com back in june and saw the live video of him performing the entire "Greendale" album. what i saw in june was just Neil, a guitar, a harmonica and a pump organ. it was awesome, but i was worried about how rocking it up with Crazy Horse would affect the songs.

but alas, i knew i had to buy it anyway. so i went to my local cd warehouse and picked up a copy of the album for just over $17. well worth it for the bonus dvd you get of the aforementioned solo Neil performance. after stopping at a mcdonald's to get my lunch "to go" i came back to my office and subjected three of my employees to "Greendale."

gladly, my worries quickly went away. getting Crazy Horse in on "Greendale" turned out to be a better idea that i thought it would be. it's not typical Crazy Horse by any means. it's not as loud as "Rust Never Sleeps" nor is it as subtle as "Everyone Knows This is Nowhere," but rather it meets somewhere in between. it's mainly alt. country, but at times it's bluesy or trippy, but all in all it's damn good.

the lyrics... for this album, Neil wrote about a town - Greendale if you couldn't guess - and a family, with the last name of Green, living there. the songs cover a range of family matters. love and hate, religion and politics and life and death to just name a few. it's basically a 78 minute audio-book. it follows the family and their stories. reading the liner notes adds the in-betweens with Neil's words. he writes about the Green family as if they're real...as if he knows them.

i'd have to say that this is lyrically and musically, some of Neil's best work. it's hard to say that though, because i end up feeling that way about every Neil Young album that comes out. most college kids hated "are you passionate?" while i loved it. most people don't know the glory that is "sleeps with angels", but i do. i'm not saying i'm Neil's number one fan or anything. i'm just saying that everything he puts out is 5 star in my book. neil has always done whatever the fuck he's wanted to do, and he continues to do so today.

i reccomend everyone go out and buy this album. if you're not sure what kind of music you like, or you want to experiement with the singer/songwriter/storyteller genre, this is a perfrect album for you to listen to. if you dig on alt. country, it's a must have. and if you've been living under a rock for the last 35+ years and have never heard of Neil Young, this album should be at the start of your collection.

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so i started reading www.theagitator.com thanks to Meg - a friend of mine. then I subsequently started reading other blogs online and now I want one.

this tends to happen a lot to me. something new comes out, or i start wondering about something i've seen and then i try my hand at it. not to say i'm trendy. it's more that i'm fascinated with new shit. i personally don't keep up with current events, technology, sports, etc nearly as much as i should. so, i'm fascinated with people who do. when they show me something new, cool and exciting, i check it out. right now, that new, cool and exciting thing is blogs.

so i guess you want to know vital stats or something, so here it goes:

the usual
name: greg

age: 22

where: pittsburgh, pa

why: college

affiliations, orientations and persuasions

political: libertarian

religious: not sure. i guess i'd say recovering catholic.

sexual: straight

musical: alt. country, blues, classic rock, early to mid-90's grunge/alt. rock. i litesn too pretty much everything else, or at least try to. if you have something you think i might enjoy, let me know and i'll check it out.

instrumental: guitar for the last 8 years. i doodle with everything else.


band: rolling stones, vigilantes of love, ryan adams, beck, u2, radiohead, neil young, bob dylan, bruce springsteen, etc...

movie: fight club, american beauty, magnolia, se7en

book: anything chuck pahlaniuk writes, a clockwork orange.

drink: gin and tonic, black coffee, coke.

type of abuse: emotional. physical scars go away.

cigarettes: camel lights. wide gauge if possible.

drugs: i don't do drugs. i smoke pot.

that ought to be good enough for now. maybe i'll do more later.

so why is this blog called "recovery." obviously my username has a part in that. i've also made reference to being a "recovering catholic" as well. so what gives with this idea of "recovery."

i believe we are all recovering from something. whether it be serious (drugs, alcohol, abuse), societal (religion, politics), medical (a cold, cancer) or humorous (top 40 music, bad sex) we are all recovering from something. every day, every moment of our lives we are living a life of recovery.

my personal recovery spans all 4 of the topics i mentioned, and maybe some i didn't. so this blog, will in part serve as a space for me to write about all these things. as well as really what's on my mind, maybe post stories/poems/songs i write, etc. anything that aids me, or that i think might aid others in, recovery.

but that's just me.

i guess we'll see how this goes as time goes on.

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