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my actions, not words, have been censored

standing outside the union this morning, with my cup of coffee and cigarette in hand, a woman coming towards me from a news van asked to speak with me.

woman: hi, are you an undergraduate here?
me: yeah.
woman: do you think i could talk to you for a minute?
me: sure, if you want to.
woman: my name's Emily Ryan, i'm here with Channel 4 news because the board of trustees just decided to raise your tuition by six percent.
me: yeah, isn't that great?
Emily Ryan: i was wondering if you'd like to comment on it at all for me?
me: sure, it doesn't matter that I'm smoking on camera, does it?
Emily Ryan: no, don't worry, we won't show that part.

so now i'm wondering if they'll just edit my comments in such a way that it doens't appear that i'm smoking, or if they'll mosaic the cigarette in my hand. i guess i'll find out at noon when the piece airs.

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dream i had the night of 7.13.04

i dreamed it was the weekend and i was hanging out with a friend who was telling me about a hangover a girl i used to date had while we ate chicken tenders and french fries in the back of a car driven by a white man i didn't know and his black friend.

in the dream i remember talking to homeless people who asked me not to give them money.

at some point i was suggesting two happy songs and two sad songs for my friend to review on her website to which she had just created an annoying flash intro. i don't remember the happy songs, but the sad ones were "Hallelujah", performed by Jeff Buckley (written by Leonard Cohen) as well as Buckley's "Lover, you should have come over."

i was told the aforementioned hangover, that the girl i used to date had, was attempted to be cured by drinking more gin at an early hour of the morning. afterwards, she urinated on my friend's clothes.

Lt. Worf blew up a Willie Nelson billboard in an attempt to have the pieces fall to the ground and block off some kind of cave.

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Recently Purchased (yet not neccesarily released) Music

1) Nada Surf - Let Go (2002): I started hearing this album while hanging out with a friend of mine. I bought it this weekend and It's quickly become one of my favorite albums.

You probably remember Nada Surf as singing the mid-nineties grunge song "Popular" (it was on the radio back in '96 or so). Let me tell you: that song was the worst song that could have been chosen to be a single.

This album, released in 2002, is misically and lyrically a far better work. Lots of songs about growing up in the 70's, being sad, being in love, etc. Kind of sounds like Wilco (before they got boring) in some ways, but something else entirely in others. Definately worth the $6 I paid to buy it used.

2) The Magnetic Fields - i (2004): Interesting indie-pop record I bought upon it's release in early May. The Mags are generally known for being an indie synth-pop band, however as the liner notes to this album state, theree were "no synths" on this album. Writer/Musician/Vocalist Stephen Merritt's (Johnny) Cash-like Croon resonates on this album whose 14 tracks all start with the letter "i." The music on this album ranges from folk to jazz to 80s dance pop. Ecclectic, and beautiful.

3) Paul Westerberg - Stereo (2002): Westerberg used to be the lead singer of the Replacements, one of the 80's seminal Post-Punk bands. Westerberg's solo career started off pretty exciteing but then slowly his albums became worse. His live performances, however, stayed strong and basically, that's what "Stereo" is. It's Paul, recording new songs in his basement and playing most of the instruments himself. "Stereo" is low key (I cna't think of a real "rocker" right now), but that's what hte bonus disc - "Mono" - is for.

Under the pseudonym "Granpaboy", Westerberg added a bonus disc to Stereo filled with low-fi rock songs a la The Replacements. I found this disc for $8 thinking it was missing the bonus disc. I was excited to find I was wrong.

the most dissapointing release of the first 6 months of 2004...

Kasey Chambers - Wayward Angel (due out June 29th, 2004): I'll freely admit to not hearing this entire album. However, Kasey's website - www.kaseychambers.com - is offering 60+ second clips of all the tracks off the album and that's all I needed...

Gone is the rock and honky-tonk from The Captain and Barricades and Brickwalls. In fact, instead of focusing on her strengths as a performer, this album focuses primarily on her weaknesses. Her "If i was/had/could do/could be something, I would do something else" songwriting is prominant in nearly every track, and it's as trite as ever. The over-production that was slightly evident on songs such as "Not Pretty Enough" and "If I Were You" has gotten out of control, creating an awful mix of Norah Jones and the Dixie Chicks (even the pictures of Chambers on her website have her looking like Jones.)

Also, not to be an asshole, but I always kind of thought her voice bugged me at some points on The Captain and Barricades, now I find it's annoying the hell out of me even more.

The only worthwhile tracks that I could find on this album were the first track "Pony" which she was performing in concert on her last tour and "Guilty as Sin" which brings back some of the rock sounds her father adds with his guitar. However, this track comes too little late as the 12th out of 14 tracks.

While this album is a splendid mix of pop and country, and it will probalby get Kasey played on top 40 country stations, this sin't the way her fans wanted it to happen.

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i'm right

while drinking Jack & Coke's last night, my buddy and his girlfriend tried to tell me that Nick Cavewas a member of The Cars. i told them they were flat wrong, but they didn't believe me.

for whatever reason, allmusicguide.com won't let me link directly to either pages, however you can go there yourself and see that i'm right.

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drunk links

links that have to do with alcohol in some way or another:

1) Reuben Ham's new article has a nice rock quote from Paul Westerberg.

2) let me know if you want to join me - or just help me - in accomplishing any of these.

3) are you pissed?

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finals week ended last week (well, for me anyway). i took last week off from the blogging scene. now i'm back.

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how to succeed in business without really traying

step 1: meet rich girl
step 2: have sex with rich girl
step 3: videotape said sex
step 4: wait 3 years
step 5: sell rights to porn firm
step 6: reap profits

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i'm an addict

...but the first step is awknowleding that you have a problem.

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right is wrong

check out the project my friend Sara did for her women's studies class. it's a little overly-liberal for my taste, but it is rather intelligent and an interesting read.

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fun games

check this.

the Bush shootout is fun too.

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toto sucks

i started a bit of a comments battle over at the agitator in response to this article. apparently there are more Toto fans than i thought, which upsets me.

doesn't that picture just say it all?

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slow news day

...when this makes the headline's of CNN's Entertainment section.

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family values

what the hell is wrong with people?

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